Encouraging More Repeat Visitors

Encouraging More Repeat Visitors To Your Blog

When you blog at a level where you expect to actually earn money from yourblogging writing, you generally have a very clear idea of just how important traffic is to your work.

If you’re not attracting and retaining readers, you’re not making any money.

Attracting fresh readers to your blog is a big question in itself. But you also need to consider the non-trivial matter of converting one-time visitors into regulars.

If you fail to impress a first-time reader and they decide never to come back, you’ve wasted whatever effort you put into bringing them to your blog. This scenario gets even worse when you consider the fact that some of those unimpressed visitors might have helped to promote your blog by linking to it or sharing it via social media.

If you want to maximize your chances of turning one-time visitors into devoted fans, the advice presented here can help a lot.

Blog Design Principles

Blogs have been around for so long at this point that it’s truly shocking that so many of them are still poorly-designed. Too many bloggers ignore the massive impact that formatting can have on how appealing their writing is. Blog readers appreciate content that entertains and informs – but they’ll always prefer to get it from the site that’s easiest to read.

When it comes to design principles, try to make your blog as inviting and comfortable as possible. Steer well clear of the sort of potentially-annoying choices that might drive off readers all on their own.

Examples would include repeated graphics that don’t contribute to your content or color palettes that make your words hard to read.

Ads are often a necessary part of running a money-making blog. That said, try to exercise as much control as possible over the ads that appear on your site. Jittery, animated ads sometimes work to get attention. But if they’re working on your blog, they’re drawing your readers’ attention away from your content.

In the realm of color choices, try to exercise a little common sense and always prioritize readability. You might think pale yellow words against a cream-colored background looks gorgeous. But if readers can’t get through more than a sentence without developing a headache. Those color choices are hurting your blog. Few blogging mishaps are more frustrating than losing out on regular readers because your colors make your blog too hard to read.

Schedule Content Delivery

How you schedule the delivery of your content also matters to cultivating Blogging Scheduleregular readers. A lot of bloggers are pressed for time or too committed to perfecting their content. They end up posting only one or two times a month. Letting your blog stagnate for too long between updates will drive away regular readers.  discouraging your acquisition of new ones. If you want to hold attention (from both actual humans and search engine algorithms!) you need to be posting at least three times a week.

Media variety is important, too.

Text is the lifeblood of blogs, but an endless wall of nothing but text posts can be forbidding to readers. If at all possible, spice up your presentation by posting pictures, audio, and video when possible.

This advice may encourage you to start posting more often and mixing up your content types. Those are great steps to take! Just be careful you don’t wander away from your blog’s niche. Don’t let the hunger for more content drive you away from your core topic. If your blog is about homeschooling, updating it with the latest celebrity gossip that caught your eye is not going to help.

Cultivating a loyal audience is absolutely essential if you want to turn your blog into a money maker. A reliable, recurring reader base turns your blog into an asset and strengthens its advertising performance.

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Find Great Content To Post On Your Blog

Tips On How To Find Great Content To Post On Your Blog

In order for your blog to be a good money maker,Blogging
you have to drive traffic to it and then get visitors coming back for more.

The best thing you can do to achieve this is to provide your blog readers with the best content possible from your niche that will be interesting and useful to them.

Even highly successful bloggers begin running out of original content to write about and post. Some end up resorting to scraping the very bottom of the barrel in order to find things to talk about.

However, that ends up losing them readers ultimately,
which will result in less money coming in.

Finding Interesting Stuff to Write About

So where can you find interesting ideas to write about?

Actually there are many different things that can be used to get yourself out of a rut. They might be simple techniques that can be used, but when used right they also can be quite effective.

The following are some things that you can try when you are stuck trying to find something interesting to write about:

Check the news sites –

Searching news sites such as Fox News, MSNBC, and CNN can help you find stories to blog about. Rather than simply linking to a news story, you can add your own commentary about it.Blogging

You can ask your readers to give their thoughts or post your own feelings. Just be sure the story relates to the topic of your blog somehow.

See What Other Bloggers Are Doing

Check out fellow blogger’s sites to see what they are writing about.

That might seem unethical, but if you don’t steal their content, it is perfectly fine to see what people are interested in discussing and reading about.

–  Are there any posts that caught your attention?
– Is there anything that you can add to it?
– Can you put a new spin on it?

One thing that the media outlets do is constantly monitor what the competition is doing –

…so you should do this also!

 Conduct an Internet Search

Conduct an Internet search on your blog’s topic.

Look to see what information comes up about your niche. You might be inspired by something that you read or have something to comment on.

Join the experimental search engine of Google’s that allows you to search in various ways – including mapping details, information lists, and timelines. That will provide you with ideas than you can get using traditional searches: http://www.google.com/experimental/index.html.

Checkout Video Sites

Look through the video sites –

There are tons of videos on YouTube that can be added to your blog. Look for ones that relate to the topic of your blog. Post videos on your blog and then ask your readers to comment on them.

Add Reviews

Add reviews to your blog –

Reviews are something that can be a good filler while you are waiting for inspiration to strike. Select some books, websites, articles, or anything else you can think of that relates to the topic of your blog and write a review on it. If you provide a good review and add in your affiliate link, your opinions can help you earn some money!

Daily activities –

Consider what occurred during the course of the day and think about how you might be able to use it for material for your blog. If you have a blog about flowers and you went for a walk and saw nice flowers along the way, then you can use this in your post.

Other Types of Content

Tell your readers about the types of flowers that are in your neighborhood, and take some pictures if possible to add some visual interest to enhance the experience of your readers.

In the End

If you look at other sources you will easily find inspiration for your blog posts. They can help to generate new ideas to discuss with your readers and also serve as good filler material until you find your own inspiration once again.

To your continuing success,

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How To Choose The Best Site For A Money Making Blog

A Guide For How To Choose The Best Site For A Money Making Blog

bloggingThe best site for starting your blog?

For anyone just getting started with blogging, that’s a very important queation. The most popular blogging sites that a majority of bloggers use for all of their business needs are Live Journal, WordPress, and Blogger.

Not every blogging site is good to use advertisements with, so you need to check them all. The following is a brief comparison of the top three sites to help you select the one that is best for your niche and you:

Blogger – Usually this is the best option for beginners since it is the easiest of the three to get set up. All you need to do is sign up to get an account then go through their step-by-step process to get your blog set up.

Blogger is part of Google, so it is also easy to sign up with AdSense ads.

They also walk you through that process. There are not as many blog templates available on Blogger as some of the other sites.

But this one is definitely recommended for people without any blogging experience who are wanting to launch a new blog without a lot of hassles or issues.

WordPress – Starting a blog on WordPress is a bit more complicated. They will guide you through the set up process.

However, compared to Blogger there is more for you to do to get your blog set up. WordPress enables you to export a blog onto your own domain. Therefore, bloggers who have been blogging for a while are able to move their blogs once they are comfortable with that process.

WordPress provides various blog templates for you to choose from. Free templates are created by many people that can be downloaded, as long as they are given credit at the bottom of your blog. That is ideal since when you promote to your niche audience, you can then set the authority and tone of your website for your readers.

LiveJournal – This is a great community blogging site. A free account is offered for blogging in addition to having a paid account option. You need to upgrade to their paid account, unfortunately, to use a majority of their features.

Ads are one of the benefits of a paid account, so this isn’t the best option for earning money with ads when you don’t have any money for start-up expenses.

When you have the paid account, advertisers are able to pay you for placing ads on your blog.

The free account can be good as a networking tool in order to get other people to visit your blog on a different site where you earn money. Think of it as a “feeder blog” that can funnel readers over to a different site of yours.

Other Blogging Sites

There are numerous other blogging sites that are available for you to choose some. However, most of them require paid accounts in order to use the best services that are offered. Using a free account to start is the best options if you are trying to keep your costs low while still having a high earning potential.

It is always possible to upgrade later and sign up for a paid account with another site.

Make sure to do your research on the sites to determine which one is best suited for your need. Whether you are a beginning just starting out or an advanced or intermediate blogger, the sites covered provide you with best chances for earning an income online.

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Blogging: Is It A Good Way To Make Money?

Is Blogging A Good Way To Make Money?

bloggingBlogging is hardly a new trend, and we may still recall the days when blogging was still in its infancy. People used to employ blogs as a sort of online journal or diary where they could share parts of their days or lives with others. Since then, blogging has becoming a marketing tool and an industry in itself.

Many people employ the use of blogging as a way to earn income or market their businesses. Why does it work? Blogs are frequently updated by their owners, unlike websites, which is something that search engines love! In short, an updated blog gets you better search engine rankings.

How Blogs Earn Money

You need to consider that millions of people are online every day and still more visit blogs on a regular basis. Blogs can entertain and inform, and when done correctly, visitors subscribe and regularly read an author’s latest posts.

The more people are interested in your blog, the better your chances of getting backlinks. Essentially, you need to grow your readership in order to implement the ultimate step: placing strategic AdSense ads on your blog.

These ads don’t mean big money unless you have a steady flow of traffic to your site and plenty of people clicking them. The more people that click the ads, the better! Your money comes from Google as they share a percentage of their income generated through your ads.

AdSense is productive in allowing you to make more money via blogging. However, you need to be sensible about where you place your ads as they need to be seen in order to get clicked. You need high visibility in order to entice people to click away, which is the ultimate goal!

If AdSense may not be the right avenue for you, you can also sell advertising space on your blog. Many companies are looking to attract customers by choosing to rent space on popular blogs. Oftentimes, the way you make money is through the advertiser paying you for the traffic you generate along with charging for the location of the ads.

Monetizing ad space is the fun part of the blogging business! You have many opportunities to make money. You can choose to charge commission based on the number of products sold, or you can charge by the number of clicks an ad receives. Of course, for some bloggers, a flat fee is the easiest!

Blogs can help you generate income, but you need to post valuable content that creates traffic and a widespread readership. Blogger.com and WordPress.com are both great platforms to get you started! Remember to post interesting content and implement your ads in visible spots, and over time, your efforts will pay off.

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